Are You Ready Boots 1

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Are You Ready, Boots?
1) Write a summary

The shortstory „ Are You Ready, Boots?“ is written by Maggie Alderson and it´s about the young woman Lulu´s live. One day on a four day trip to New York with her pals Spencer and Betty, Lulu is thrilled by the thougt that these Manolos boots can be hers. Black knee heels, 50 % off and her size! She try the boots and feels wonderful, beautyful, totally sexy. She feels like a Bond girl. She looks at the mirror an thinks how good the boots make her look. They seem to lengthen and slenderise her legs. Lulu can´t resist. She must have theese boots! But they are still lying unworn under the bed six month after. She has a so bad conscience that she not even trust to look at them. However, at Spencer´s suggestion she wear the boots to launch of a new restaurant in Mayfair, a London district. And she meets her future boyfriend. Charlie March-Edwards. He is goodlooking with a really good job and drives a Porsche. In the beginning of the relationship he was amazing, he seemed to understand how it all works, but after a while Lulu starts to notice that he is a bit too boring for her. Things gets to annoy her. But she acceptet the marriage all the same when she see the huge diamond. The same night the big question was popped they will eat out to dinner. As a joke Lulu dresses herself in the same clothes she has been wearing the night they has seen each other for the first time. Charlies respons: He thinks these boots are awful and says that they nearly put him of her the night they met. It gives her a reality check, suddenly she can see the bigoted bore inside the handsome exterior and starts walking with her great, kinky boots. Away from him.

2)Characterize the main character Lulu
- she is about 20-30 years old, lives in London (?)
- takes care of her appearance ( ( French Manicure ) p. 8, ll. 70 ) - cracks jokes out of the moment together with Spencer
- is spontaneous
- has not so much money
- likes kinky shoes –...
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