Are You Proud of Your Country? I wonder if I could walk up to a person and ask, “Are you Proud of Your Country?” and see what they would say. What some people don’t realize is that they are really lucky to live in a country as great as ours. The United States is a free country that is protected by laws and amendments. The laws are to ensure our safety as people, and the amendments are to ensure that we are treated as we should be, and to provide something that hasn’t been declared in the Constitution already. This country is a free country and we have rights to do what we please. Some people think that it is an entirely free country but it’s not. The U.S. is also ruled by laws to keep us safe as people. The laws are for our safety as a nation and to make sure that people don’t harm others or themselves. Education is an important factor to some people and to me, as well. This country has a law to make sure the parents know that their child is going to school and not just ditching. Going to school is to make sure that you can get the proper education that you may need in your future life. When you are younger, going to school helps prepare you for college so you may have a successful life in the future. If you don’t get the proper education now, you may never have a successful future. There are twenty-seven amendments that keep our country free but safe. For instance, the First Amendment to the Constitution is: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech. The First Amendment is probably one of the most important to me. There is also the Fourteenth Amendment which is mostly to ensure that everyone is treated equally, no matter whom they are or their race or gender. The Fifteen Amendment gives everyone the right to vote no matter the race or color. This Amendment also ensures that everyone is going to, and will be treated equally. The U.S. has so many things to be prideful about such as our education system and the laws that keep us

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