are you dead are nah?

Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Electric chair Pages: 1 (701 words) Published: October 31, 2014

Dayrel Whittaker
Mr. Grayshirt
English III
3 April 2014
Are You Dead or Nah?
“If an eye-for-an eye is good enough for God, then it is good enough for republicans,” says Armstrong Williams. God believes punishment for our sins and choices is okay, so the republicans believe it’s necessary for capital punishment for capital crimes. There are different things that come into play when determining whether or not someone should receive capital punishment. If a criminal commits a capital then he deserves the consequences whether it is mild or death. There is always question about whether or not it is constitutional to give someone the sentence or death row. Is sentencing someone to death moral? Could that be considered a sin? People sometimes think about that when deciding to give capital punishment. Conservatives have had strong views on crime. The criminals are becoming more violent and less trustworthy. Therefore, they deserve what they get (Armstrong Williams). Liberals believe that criminals only do what is expected of them, but everybody has a choice on what they want to do. The death penalty has a purpose. Well everything the government does has some intentional purpose whether it turns out good or bad. The purpose though is to maintain social order. Now, what they try to say that the death penalty is affected by prejudice and most of the people put on death row are African Americans. That might be true but if you want to get rid of it for that reason then you would have to decrease or get rid of the amount of time in prison. The question of morality isn’t based off whether or not someone’s decision was made because of their prejudice towards someone. The question is whether it is actively legal for the state to take another person’s life. Some try to say that it is a violation of the sanctity of life when giving some one the death penalty through “legal” injection but people violates life’s sanctity by going out and committing capital crimes even though...
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