Are We Too Dependent on the Internet?

Topics: Instant messaging, Internet, Online chat Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Are we too dependent on the internet?
Internet refers to a global network of interconnected computers and the infrastructure through which applications such as e-mails, chat rooms and instant messaging operate. Internet was developed many years ago in the early sixties with the inputs of many professors, the likes of R.P Palaiya, Al Gore and many others. Points for:

With technology enhancing to the next level, majority tends to explore and grow with it as they depend on it. Internet acts as the post brain for most of us as every individual have their own various reasons for using it inconsiderate whether they are good or bad. It is used worldwide by people of all age groups either for educational purposes or business. Businesses and its people depend solely on it as great business deals are due to networking. Exchanging of e-mails becomes very vital as it helps you as a business person to bond and interact with the outside world. Others tend to learn and grow intellectually by searching the net whilst others socialize and mingle on social networks such as face book and twitter. "Now with the advent of google, I could search for "Java chat program" and the WHOLE code would come up, I could just add what I need and market the software. Would everybody agree with me that this is actually not programming? and that the programmer is not actually a true programmer because google gives them everything on a plate. Even when I get stuck on code, in fact ALL the time, I just google and the answer comes up. And further if it wasnt for google it would take me months to work out a specific piece of code. Does this really make me or anybody else a true programmer? Ive started iphone development, I find that if I dont use google, and just use books its IMPOSSIBLE to make ANYTHING." [1] Points against:

However other people seem to cope well without the internet. They do rely on books and teaching materials though. The Library happens to be their best source of...
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