Are We Alone in This Universe?

Topics: Life, Extraterrestrial life, NASA Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Area 51
Have you ever wondered if we were the only form of life in the whole universe? I have and I think that out of all the universe and all the galaxies we haven’t explored yet, there has to be a different form of life besides us out there it pretty near impossible for there not to be.

Just think about it. How many sightings of UFOs have there been? There’ve been hundreds, and back in 1948 January 10th, Area 51 started to be built. In 1947 July, something crashed in Roswell. Area 51 built not far at all away from the crash like maybe a hundred meters away. So one year later after having that crash they started to build a highly top secret military base. It opened in 1957. Area 51 is the most protected and most private military base in all of the U.S.A and Canada. Now why would they make this military base so protected? That military base is the only base that has had a UFO crash then be built around it.

In 1958 N.A.S.A was formed. Now why would the government form to programs of high cost so close together and one was built apparently on a UFO crash site and now they are opening up a space program? I think that they are looking for other life because an alien crashed at Area 51. Plus, after that crash they created a place to hide and conceal the UFO. Then they created a place to explore outer space. Why would they do that if they had no reason to do so unless they were looking for something?

Have you noticed since the 1960’s technology has boomed like crazy we have so many futuristic gadgets now, ever since the crash. When Area 51 opened, about 10 years after we had a technology boom. I think it’s because they took apart the UFO and studied its technology and used similar technology to what the UFO had on it.

It is said that most planes that are made today come from ideas from the UFO from Roswell. It is also being used to create development of exotic energy weapons for the strategic Defana Initiative. There is also a rumor that Are 51 goes ground...
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