Are Unions Good for America

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Why Project Labor Agreements Are Not in the Public Interest According to Tuerck Gerardo Haro
ENGU 103 - Writhing and Rhetoric
Professor Margy Calil
Ameritas College of Brandman University

On this document we are going to see the pros and cons, about the Project Laborer Agreement (PLA). WE are going to explore the point of view of David G. Tuerck. On how are Unions in Decline, The History of PLAs, The Strikes that did not Happen, The Nexus between PLAs and the prevailing wage law, the Union Arguments for PLAs, How Real are the treads for labor peace, and Effect and cost David G. Tuerck is Chairman and Professor of Economies and Executive Director of the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University, Boston.

Why Project Labor Agreements Are Not in the Public Interest
This paper is my personal points of view, about how David G. Tuerk is providing his arguments to how good or bad are the project labor agreements (PLA) to the construction industry, and all the persons involved on this industry like workers, and public and private contractor, unions and nonunion. The writer sets out the reasons why project labor agreements (PLAs) between owners of construction projects and construction unions cannot be rationalized as beneficial to the average construction worker. Tuerck wants the reader to believe the PLAs are not right distributed equally for private contractor and unionized contractor or union. The way PLA affects the private contractor on the convenience of using a PLA. The PLA increases profitability, other than reduces it. Assuming the choice is freely made without the threat of union retaliation should the decision go against PLA? Tuerk expresses that the private owner do not have the capacity or the incentive, to subordinate the interests of their shareholders in similar manner. The writer describes the PLA as a contract between owner of construction project and construction Unions, where...

References: Tuerck, D.; Glassman, S.; and Bachman, P. (2009) ”Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects: A Costly Solution in Search of a Problem.“ Boston: The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. Available atÍnal090923.pdf.
U.S. Census Bureau (2007) “conomic Fact Sheet. Selected Statistics from the 2007 Economic Census, 2007 Economic Sectors.
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