Are Too Many People Going to College

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Kathryn Williams
Gloria Crabtree
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13 September 2014

Too Many People Indeed
In America higher education has become an expectation of high school teachers, advisors, and parents for students to obtain a successful life and prosper in their field of study, no matter the conditions, after graduating high school. In this article, “Are Too Many People Going to College,” written by Charles Murray, he feels that not everyone is meant to earn a college degree, even though society thinks otherwise.

Charles Murray believes that the elementary years are the prime years for learning the core knowledge, and that “starting early is partly a matter part of necessity” (Murray 224). The reason for this occurrence is, because most young children enjoy learning more than adult students. The classes in high school are assumed to prepare you for college, but they teach this curriculum “at a level below college course demands,” so Murray believes that it can either prepare the interested ones for this post secondary transition, or be more work for what it is worth, according to what their future has in store for them (Murray 224).

Students who realize they want to attend a post secondary school are offered two and four year degrees. Four-year degrees have become standard for people who have the will power and resources to achieve the diploma at the end, but not many people are willing to finish through. “…In 1995, only 58 percent had gotten their B.A. five academic years later. Another 14 percent were still enrolled,” so now their four-year plan has now ended up being five years, six years, and eventually a degree for some. Finding a job that absolutely requires a Bachelors Degree is rare these days. So obtaining this extra two-year degree may be a waste of time and money for most students. Not everyone wants to be a lawyer or doctor anyways, there are some people that want “to become a good hotel manager, software designer, accountant, hospital...

Cited: Murray, Charles. “Are Too Many Going to College.” They Say, I Say with Readings. 2nd Edition. Eds. Graff, Birkenstein, Durst. New York: Norton, 2012. 222-242. Print.
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