Are There Drinking Motives for College Students

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Are There Drinking Motives for College Students
Diana Carrington
Argosy University
Advanced General Psychology
PSY 492
Dr. Marie Dubé

August 03, 2011

Are There Drinking Motives for College Students?
Studies have shown that there are drinking motives for college students (Mohr, Armeli, Temple, Todd, Clark, & Carney, 2005). Other studies have also shown multiple drinking motives such as social (you can loosen up and feel more confident), enhancement (it gives you a false sense of security and makes you think you can do anything better than anybody), conformity (you want to be part of the crowd), and coping ( it’s easier to just drown your sorrows in beer and liquor) (Martens, Rocha, Martin, & Serrao, 2008). (Berkowitz & Perkins, 1986) gave the following drinking motivations: to enhance sociability or social interaction, to escape negative emotions or to release otherwise unacceptable ones, or simply to get drunk. The diagnostic instruments used in Martens et al (2008) are: Drinking Motives Measure (DMM), a 20-item measure designed to assess four motives for alcohol use; Daily Drinking Questionnaire (Collins, Parks, & Marlatt, 1985) to assess participants’ use of alcohol; and Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (RAPI: White & Labouvie, 1989) as a measure of problems experienced as a result of drinking alcohol. The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) Selzer, (1971) reported in Berkowitz, and Perkins, (1986) is one of the most widely used measures for assessing alcohol abuse. George Dowdall, author of College Drinking: Reframing a Social Problem (2009), states in an interview in Inside Higher Ed (2009) regarding his book, that college drinking, once viewed as a harmless rite of passage, and was reframed as the number one public health problem for students. An important question to determine if the majority of the population of college age persons is abusing alcohol is: do college students drink more than their non-student peers? The...

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