Are the Poor an Inevitable Feature of Any Society?

Topics: Socialism, Working class, Marxism Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: June 14, 2009
Are the poor an inevitable feature of any society?
Poor is a rather subjective terminology, which co-exist with the term rich. Within most of the society, it is not surprising to have the poor, as agreed by the poor themselves. Because being rich or poor is all dependant on how much people want to pay for and sometimes, what kind of family one is born to.

In most part of the world, people get ahead by hardworking and whatever talents they have. Hence, those who are willing to put in lots of effort succeed and get rich. Those have no latent and unwilling to work hard become the poor. The poor is a consequence of not being rich mentally or physically. Hence having the poor in a society is inevitable. Furthermore, people are born into different families with different background, rich or poor, upper class or lower class. Hence, people are categorized by the one created us. People born into poor family are facing a vicious cycle. They can not afford to go to school, so when they grow up, they take up lower ranking jobs, which can only provide them with basic survival needs. As a result, their children would most probably take the same path as him. Hence, a vicious cycle is created. Consequently, the poor is ought to exist.

However, in socialist countries ,like north Korean and cuba, socialism makes them equally poor. Hence, by comparing with their own countrymen, they are not poor but equally rich. Does that mean Socialism provides an alternative for a real utopia? Not really, if not, why countries are changing from socialist countries to democratic countries, but not the other way round? People long for freedom, even their own choices take them to their own peril. They love them but not others’choices
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