Are the Monsters in Our Life Created by and for Ourselves?

Topics: Rhetoric, Ethos, Argument Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: October 23, 2012
If you hear the word monster today a lot of different creatures and story’s come to your mind. But did you ever think about how monsters are created? Timothy K. Beal’s “Our Monsters, Ourselves” is arguing the idea of that we are creating the monsters in our life ourselves. He is using many rhetorical techniques to get the readers to not only agree, but also relate to what he is writing. Beal’s arguments are well organized and persuasive. The rhetorical techniques ethos, logos and pathos strongly represented in the text. In my opinion Beal is successfully arguing his main point. This because I can relate to what he is writing, but also because he is writing and presenting himself in a credible way. The first rhetorical technique Beal is using it pathos. He is trying to get to the readers emotions. The text both begins and end on the subject of September 11. Beal states, “In the immediate wake of the September 11 tragedies, however, I wondered whether the monsters might go into hiding along with irony” (1). September 11 is something that easily gets people’s attention and most people are able to relate to. That day people made monsters out of the people behind the attack. Beal also use ethos in his text. This is to seem credible. “Last spring I taught a new course called “Religion and Horror”” (2). In this sentence he is telling the readers that he knows a lot at about the subject, actually he know so much that he thought a class on it. It makes the readers relate to the writer and the arguments he makes. In a text like Beal’s, when you want to argue an opinion, it is important to establish credibility.

Logos is the third rhetorical technique Beal is presenting. Beal used logos when he said “Thirteen Ghosts was a top seller during the weekend of October 26-28, grossing more that $15-million in its first three days, while the top move for the previous weekend was From Hell, which made nearly $21-million in its first days” (1). The use of logos is to present...
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