Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely Than Others to Lead to Truth?

Topics: Albert Einstein, Logic, Truth Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: October 27, 2008
In this essay I will discuss whether some ways of knowing are more like than others to lead to the truth. There is no single definition of the truth where every philosopher agrees with. What we can say is that the truth is one of the most important elements in our society which extends from “honesty, good faith and sincerity in general to agreement with fact or reality in particular”. Instead of just concentrating on the four ways of knowing, language, perception, reason and emotion, I will also look at the areas of knowledge, such as sciences and mathematics to help finding which of the four ways of knowing is the most likely to lead to the truth.

To answer the research question, we first have to look at the truth itself. In a dictionary is said that truth is “The degree to which a statement corresponds with reality and logic ”.Every human being defines truth in a different way. Truth can be what one is prepared to accept as truth, as well as something which is proved by a study for being true or what for example the media, books, government and yourself name to be true.

In the first area of knowledge I will discuss, the sciences, truth will always change during the time. A good example is Isaac Newton’s theory of mechanics and universal gravitation. In this time everyone believed his theory describing the universe as being “true” and there was no evidence for it being not the truth. Than after some centuries some scientist discovered things where Newton’s theory didn’t account for. Therefore his theory was than called “untrue” and Albert Einstein’s evidence which fitted more into these discoveries was named as being true. This is evidence therefore, that science is a process, the truth will always change in time, but in this particular time period the truth cannot be named as “untrue” because it cannot be disproved by knowledge or technology.

On the other hand in mathematics, one has these principles like “1 + 1 = 2” or “2 + 2 = 4”. People do not...
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