Are Readers More Compassionate Than None Readers?

Topics: Reading, The Reader, Empathy Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 15, 2013
There is a noticeable difference between people who practice reading and the ones who do not. Reading is an activity in which readers experience worlds other than their own. Not only that, but they are also introduced to various aspects of characters. Such privilege contributes to the fact that readers are a lot more compassionate than non-readers. People have started to write various kinds of books ages ago which include plenty of different experiences such as, romance, tragedy, science, fiction and comedy, to continue to infinite other topics. This means that not all kinds of readers have the same level of compassion within them. For instance, readers of romance or tragedy book are most likely to be compassionate than readers of science or fiction, for they are more involved in the characters' sentiments. Accordingly, readers start to gradually have a prominent impact by which they become more considerate and sensitive towards one's feelings. In the process of reading, the reader could utterly integrate with the inner atmosphere of a story, sympathizing with the character or understanding the situation. Sequentially, this creates compassion within the reader. Furthermore, it is possible that readers confront situations in their daily lives, similar to those which they go over in books. Whether these occurrences happen to a friend, a family member or even a stranger, the reader can relate to this situation. Hence, once they encounter a particular issue, they start comparing it to the one in the book. This way they get to sympathize with the person who they are dealing with, and consequently put them in a good position to give a suitable advice. Pursuing this further, some people might have an opposing attitude and come to agree that non-readers are more compassionate than readers, giving some dissimilar arguments. For instance, they might claim that non-readers face real problems which cause them to develop a deeper sense of realization and...
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