Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

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Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?
I grew up watching professional sports. I always wanted to grow up to be just like them and secretly, still do. However, growing up, I was never really aware of the ridiculous amounts of money that the athletes earned and in the past few years I have been hearing many people complaining about how much the athletes make. According to my survey, 30 percent of people surveyed believe that athletes are overpaid. Honestly, I expected it to be more than that since I hear so much about the salaries of the athletes. I, myself, have always believed that professional athletes are not overpaid so I wanted to do research and be able to have more reasoning behind my opinion. I also would like to makes it so that others would be able to see it the way that I do. What follows is what I believe and what I was able to discover while doing my research. Professional athletes are some of the most dedicated, hardest working people in world. They always keep on non-stop training and conditioning. Elite athletes implement more discipline and self-sacrifice than nearly all accountants and engineers. Sometimes, they have to travel across large area, like players who often have away games. Meanwhile, all professional athletes are the best in the world at the sport they play. They have brilliant talents.Sports teams need to hire more talented players to increase the strength and enhance the possibility of winning the championship. As a result, team owners have to pay large amounts of money to professional athletes to attract them. These highly-paid athletes also make teams gain more money. The owners are out to make money, and they still make a profit after paying these athletes. The athletes are not overpaid; they are simply getting their fair share of the money earned from their abilities. Last year alone, Tiger Woods made a little over 62 million dollars, according to Sports Illustrated’s “The Fortunate 50”, putting him on the top of the list for highest-earning athletes. You might think this is ridiculous being that he had a terrible year on the golf course. He did only make 2 of his 62 million dollars by playing golf. The other 60 million came from endorsements. That number may seem ridiculous, but the people love Tiger. TV ratings confirm that more people watch PGA Tour events in which he plays than not (Bohn). That is what leads to EA Sports making a video game named after him which makes him all that money. Even though Tiger makes this much money, the athletes that people think are overpaid participate in the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL).

So, let’s take a look at Alex Rodriguez, better known as A-Rod, of the New York Yankees. Last year the Yankees paid Rodriguez a salary of 32 million dollars. This may seem like a ridiculous number, but does he deserve it? He absolutely does. Alex Rodrigues is one of the greatest baseball players in the league and of all time. “I feel that if you are the best at what you do, there should not be a limit to how much money one earns” (Shanahan). Look at it like this: Yankee stadium has 51,000 seats at an average price of $51.83, and the Yankees have 81 regular season home games per year. That comes out to be $214,109,730 per year in ticket sales alone. This number does not even include all of the beverages sold at the games or the money made from TV contracts. And not to mention, in 2005, the MLB generated 3.1 billion dollars in merchandise according to MSNBC. Considering all of these numbers, I do not see any reason to believe that Alex Rodriguez is overpaid.

Athletes have a certain set of skills that is rare and cannot be learned. Because of that they generate a lot of money and people pay to see them and the athletes are paid accordingly. The perception that athletes are paid ridiculous amounts of money for kicking or throwing the ball is an ignorant mentality. They are not paid for what they do; they are paid because people want to watch what they...

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