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Are Literature Circle Effective

By tacosaregood Jan 21, 2012 356 Words
Literature circles are mostly used during a classroom to expand the view of the book and really see the details in each others opinion, but are they effective? Multiple students find literature circles helpful in understanding the book and they all have their own job when it comes to coming together and discussing what they read.

In a certain way literature circles are helpful when it comes to comprehending the book everyone in your group is reading. You also get to bond more with the other people in your group, increase your discussion skills and vocabulary as well. Everyone in the group has their own opinion so when a question is asked about a certain paragraph or page, you can all discuss why you answered what you did. “Literature circles are effective for team building abilities, discussion skills, and reading comprehension…” (Matt) Even though staying on task is one of the tricky parts of literature circles, they truly are helpful.

Literature circles are a great way for students to read and enjoy a book, especially high school students because most teenagers now a days do not read as much as they should. It’s a wonderful tool as well, so they can learn to work effectively together. When your in your group you can have a discussion director, summarizer, vocabulary reporter, and a passage master. Discussion directors create questions about the passage they read and take notes during the discussion. Summarizers are the ones that summarize the passage. Vocabulary reporters look for significant words in the passage that caught their eyes and discuses them with the group. Passage master find passages in the reading that everyone should notice, remember, or think about. Everyone in a literature circle has a job so they can all work together and compare thoughts.

This is an important tool when comprehending a book. Everyone has a way to contribute, and work together. Literature circles are very helpful when it comes to your reading, vocabulary, and discussion skills. You get to hear others opinion about the reading so you can understand how they felt. So sincerely literature circles are very effective.

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