Are Law Enforcement Cameras Invasive?

Topics: Police, Camera, Book of Optics Pages: 3 (481 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Are law enforcement cameras an
invasion of privacy?
Law enforcement cameras placed
everywhere. In the supermarkets
and in the small shops, in the
public place and in the
automobile. It helps owner to
control the business and even
help police to register committed
Sometimes cameras can picture
you in the unattractive situation.
The movie about you can be
placed on the youtube without
your permission.
Like every things in our life the
law enforcement cameras could
be as evil as good. Now low
enforcement camera could be
placed not only in the premises
or around it but in the
automobile as well. In my country
in named "Registrators". Useful
things I must admit. And
amusing. I have seen several
youtube movies on the topic:
"How to speak with National
police". Amusing thing but not
for all. For policemen who were
pictured by camera it was not
amusing and sort of intrusion in
their life. Not personal one but
Law enforcement camera placed
everywhere and sometime the
information that you can be
recorded is not placed on the
right place so that you can be
weakly informed about that fact
you are on the spotlight. Once in
the past I have read about rule, it
was psychologistic rule or likely
an advice to behave yourself like
very world looking at you, like
you are on the camera or camera
placed everywhere. I tried to lead
this rule for some time and
frankly speaking admitted at that
time that it was not easy. I got
caught myself that if I was
pictured by camera I would not
be a hero. At that time, that was
20 years ago and we didn't hear
about enforcement camera at all.
Now this camera situated
But if we contemplate rigorously
on the topic law enforcement
cameras are useful thing and only
partially intrude in your personal
life. In this case they are not
intrusion in your life. When you
go outside of your private
apartment your declare to the
world that you are public...
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