Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?

Topics: DNA, Genetically modified food, Genetic engineering Pages: 5 (1167 words) Published: September 1, 2014
Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?
Nowadays, genetically modified crops are planted worldwide. According to Human Genome Project, over 10 million farmers in 22 countries are planting genetically modified crops on the fields. The total acreage has reached a quarter billion (2011). Apparently, genetically modified foods have prominent benefits so that more and more people are planting them and eating them. Genetically modified plants are able to resist pests and certain kinds of diseases as well as tolerant cold and drought because scientists move specific foreign genes into the plants. Therefore, world crop productivity increaseds by 25 percent by planting genetically modified crops. Specifically, Iin United States, after the crops were genetically modified, six kinds of crops were able to produce 4 billion pounds more compared to the past than before without having to increaseing any acreage for planting (Deal & Baird, 2003). As the problem of food insufficiency is getting increasingly more and more serious, the appearance of genetically modified foods may successfully alleviate this crisis. Besides, scientists are able to add more some nutrition in genetically modified foods. According to Lerner, genetically modified foods contain more and more nutrition. For example, Sseveral healthy fatty acids are added in canola oil. DHA omega-3, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health, is in genetically modified foods as well (2009). This article will prove that genetically modified foods are safe enough to eat in three different kinds of approaches: logic approach, science evidences approach, and reality evidences approach. First, logically speaking, genetic modification technique is an improvement in the real world, and any applications of new techniques needs a process from immaturitye to maturitye. For example, the development of the airplane went through a lot of difficulty. An aviator Thomas E. Selfridge died because of the airplane crash accident in 1908. Things also happened to spaceships. On January 28, 1986, the Challenger exploded and killed all of the seven astronauts in it. After these tragedies happened, no one said we should stop developing airplanes or spaceships. Genetic modification technique is as mature as airplane technique that has gone through one hundred years of modification ago and more mature than the thirty years old or spaceship developmenttechnique thirty years ago. Theis genetic modification technique is even safer because no devastating event has happened yet. Now that we accept astronauts getting into spaceships which are not one hundred percent safe, we can accept genetically modified foods which seem to be safe for now. In addition, the plants that exist in nature are not all good. Our ancestors tried and selected things that are edible to human can eat as foods, and planted the crops which produced foods. Farmers use cross breeding technology in order to get more productive crops. That is how seedless watermelons are created. According to the high school biology textbook, first, give a normal watermelon seedling colchicine, which is a chemical. The normal watermelon plant will become a tetraploid watermelon plant, which doubles its chromosome and has four sets of chromosomes. Then cross breed the tetraploid and a normal one. Their offspring is a triploid, which has three sets of chromosomes and the watermelon results in being seedlessdoes not have seeds. Genetic modification is just a more advanced technology to create productive crops that also provide convenience. It means iIf people accept seedless watermelon, people can accept genetically modified foods. The second approach is scientific evidence approach. Ggenetically modified foods are the foods that have added by a foreign genes or genes on purpose. Scientists add those foreign genes into the original plants to make them have some good traits including disease resistance, pest resistance, cold tolerance and drought...
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