Are Gender Roles Still Relevant Today

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Female, Transgender, Feminism / Pages: 2 (462 words) / Published: Jan 30th, 2017
I would say that traditional gender roles for men and women are not relevant today. Gender roles have been around for years and they have always been labeled a certain way, but I'd say now that those labels have been broken. They are not as relevant in today's world as they were years way back.
There is too much diversity and roles that men and women have both done. In today's world women might do things that men are regularly stereotyped to do and vice versa. The time since now and way back then roles have been switched in some households in America. In today's society it's more known for women that are even in relationships and families want to be able to take care of themselves. Even women that are alone and independent have to do certain things around the house a man is
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Back in the day the men would be the one to take care and provide for the whole family. That's why I say traditional roles, like the women to be the one to stay home, have changed in today's society. In today's world it's not that big of an issue either cause people's outlook on things have changed and there's not really a right thing to do or a wrong one. The time period on things makes major changes to a lot of things because people learn and find new ways for things to work out. Another thing that changes a lot is the expectations. They might not be met or aren't as high as they usually are meant to be. That's why a father being the one to stay at home while the wife goes out to work isn't looked bad upon
Traditional gender roles have been changed majorly and i wouldn't say that they are relevant in today's world. The diversity in the world today between men and women has changed a lot. Some men might do things a women is known to do and a women might do things a man is known to do. The time periods with this play a huge role too with what is right and what's wrong, There really isn't much of a right or wrong

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