Are five heads better than one

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In “Are Five Heads Better Than One?” five employees are delegated by a marketing group, Advert, to create a commercial for one of the company’s clients. However, the group experiences problems including poor initial communication, groupthink, and lack of upper-management involvement. The poor initial communication was caused in part by the group’s collective set of personalities. The right blend of personality types is critical in order for a work group to achieve its goals. A team whose members rate high in openness and conscientiousness and have a minimal amount of team agreeableness will tend to perform most efficiently and effectively. This was not the case with the group chosen by Advert as certain members failed to demonstrate these traits Alexis, Evan, Vikas, and Judy all demonstrated high levels of agreeableness, which led to their failure to voice dissenting opinions against Nishant. Had Alexis more strongly backed her opposing opinion or had Vikas even voiced his, the group would not have failed as it did. Due to Nishant’s domineering personality the other members were afraid to voice dissenting opinions. If Nishant had been more open and conscientious the group would have been more likely to input other ideas and oppose Nishant’s initial substandard idea.The group members’ internal feeling of pressure to conform resulted in allowing a dominant leader to establish an ineffective idea. 3)NANCY:-

The problem of groupthink had a major effect on the group’s ability to formulate a variety of ideas and create a feasible plan for success. The group members felt pressure to conform and were deterred from expressing opposing views, which led to them accepting Nishant’s initial plan. Nishant gave no consideration to Alexis’s opposing view and immediately shot it down. Because of this Vikas was afraid to express his own opinion even though he was most experienced with the client and had a feeling that Nishant’s idea would not be suitable. Although...
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