Are Celebrities Bad Role Models

Topics: Addiction, Psychology, Celebrity Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Does being famous automatically make someone a role model? If we were ever in doubt, today’s celebrities are giving everyone a loud and clear answer. With great fame comes great responsibility-but it seems that they have forgotten this. Perhaps these famous figures overlook the fact that they have over thousands of young and old fans, observing everything they say and do. A role model is someone whose behaviour or success is regarded by others as a good example or influence to follow or emulate, especially by younger, more impressionable children. Do you think that most of today’s celebrities would fit these criteria? Most of these people are not the type you would want to supervise your kids; most celebrities feel they have to exhibit bad behaviour to get attention and become the ‘talk of the town.’ Children presently look for celebrities on television, news, magazines and social networking, every day and try to mimic their actions, automatically assuming that they should be more like these famous, popular and rich people. Though, these people aren’t the type to choose to supervise children. For example, Charlie Sheen, a famous actor, once proudly admitted, in an interview, that he has “taken every single drug known to man, no matter how illegal it may be.” Is this the kind of message you want to be sent to your child? Would you let these people supervise your children, even for a minute? The celebrities of the modern day are not role models to children, as they exhibit bad and illegitimate behaviour. Celebrities make bad reputations for themselves and most have lost many fans because of this. After watching these unfitting superstars for all of their lives, and noticing that their parents have done the same, the children of the twenty- first century are caring more about “Justin Beibers’ arrest in Miami for graffiti”, then the starving children in Africa and saving the endangered Blue Whale. Our children are growing up thinking that it is okay to ignore the...
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