Are Australians Really Racist

Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, Kevin Rudd Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 30, 2012
“Are Australians really racist?”
Australia is a racist country. We tend to generalize the Australian population into different categories like the Indians, Muslims, Aborigines and Asians. There are always scandals on the news, in newspapers and on the internet of somewhat racist comments being said.

In the earlier days of March, 2010 there had be seen tensions between Australia and India escalate with yet another attack on an international Indian student. Although at the time it was too early to determine what happened, it was pretty simple to see that racism was involved and in an environment of increased violence. Another incident involving Ravinder Singh, and Indian taxi driver around December last year had started up the questions if Australia is racist towards them. Mr. Singh was stabbed in the lungs repetitively outside his fiancés house by a man in a balaclava and demanded money from him. Some Australians didn’t believe this was a racist attack, but what else could be the reason for this?

Australians are also very racists towards Muslims. A 12-year-survey was conducted by leading universities, found NSW and QLD to be the most racist states, while Victoria was one of the most tolerant. Among the 12,512 people surveyed Australia-wide, 48.6 per cent were negative towards Muslims. With another outrage that happened not too long ago with Muslim women in Australia wearing their religious significance – the Burqa which is an outer garment worn in public covering majority of their bodies. Time and time again, Australians have fought to have the Burqa banned. People often believe that it is un-Australian like to be wearing this around, also for safety reasons. I believe myself that the use of Burqa shows ignorance and isolation.

Australians have little tolerance for our own people, Aborigines. This can go back to the 1800-1900’s of the ‘Stolen Generation’ where children were being taken out of their homes by the Australian Federal and State...
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