Are Arranged Marriages and Forced Marriages Unethical

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Islam Pages: 4 (1557 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Are Arranged Marriages and Forced Marriages Unethical?

Would you consider having your marriage forced or arranged to a person you never met or seen before? Most probably no, but this is happening to many young females and males all over the world. Arranged and forced marriages have been a heated debate in certain cultures, justifying whether it is good or bad it’s hard to judge. There have however also been many changes to these traditions in contemporary society, regarding culture clashing. Researching the facts, I will be looking into the validity of the above statement to find out are’ arranged and forced marriages unethical’ and if it’s a fallacious statement. Marriage is a commitment between two people who have made a vow, to love each other till death, so firstly, I’ll be finding out what is the social institute of marriage is? A social institution of ‘marriage’ is a contract between two people, mutually promise to live blissfully jointly as husband and wife, through religious ceremonies. For individuals who were born and/or raised in a Western culture but whose parents were raised in an "old country" culture, the cross culture dilemma is a daily reality. The issue of forced marriage is not portrayed just as an ethnic issue but also as a religious and in the main a Muslim issue. Victims are forced into marriage for many different reasons. . In the United Kingdom, the Working Group on Forced Marriage found that the majority of cases were a consequence of “loving manipulation, where parents actually felt that they were acting in their children and family’s best interests.”  For families living in poverty or financial insecurity, a daughter is seen as an “economic burden” who must be married soon as possible to take the burden of the family. Marriage can also be used to resolve a debt, or to reinforce family or caste status through social alliances. In various cultures, a family’s respect depends on a girl’s virginity, so a girl will sometimes be married...
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