Arduino Platform Analysis

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Arduino is the open source hardware platforms using libraries that have the capability to rapidly and reasonably prototype custom hardware solutions to ordinary library issues. Authors illustrates environment of Arduino, what it is, how it was and what it does used at the James A. Gibson Library at Brock University to generate a portable production of barcode-scanning utility to use statistics collection including a prototype for a service desk statistics tabulation program hardware interface.

The Arduino platform is easy-to-use, low-cost and single-board microcontroller. The stand out of Arduino prototype rapidly demonstrates that: users can get started by using the on-board inputs and outputs that connect quickly
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The tools used for communication are the microcontroller serial ports and architecture documentation. Usually, data transfer through USB channel but sometimes use a separate circuit. This restriction can be used for data transmission that generates a limit to the maximum bandwidth. The selected serial communication speed is of 500kbps after making lawful maximum stable velocity of transmission in both platforms that could be read by the PC. The figure 1 below illustrates the transmission of analog data used in algorithm. Figure 1: Flowchart of communication for the Arduino platform
How Arduino works:
Arduino consists of two main parts: the software and the hardware. These two parts are an open source. Figure 2 show that hardware is the physical Arduino board which has power/USB connections; LED, microcontroller chip, digital and analogue input/output ports, etc while the Arduino is what the software is about.

Figure 2: The Arduino board
The programming language like C++, the software is written in the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) (Figure 3), which supply power then compiled and uploaded a standard USB cable via
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The microcontroller peripheral is fixed and flexible that can be effortlessly configured to modified needs without reprogramming the microcontroller.
One of the benefits of using Arduino environment for similar projects is that there is a marvelous amount of liberally available open source code to deal with any type of real-world application. A goal of Massimo Banzi of generating an easy-to-use, compact platform and low cost for prototyping has resulted in thousands upon thousands of Arduino-based projects. This integrated activity has also uncovered some essential connections between computer programming, physics, mathematics and electronics. The vision research of Arduino-based can help students to better improve their theoretical and experimental

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