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Topics: Aesthetics, Art, Science Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Adorno Aricle about music
Esthetic theory refers to the division in philosophy that is concerned with beauty and art. It deals with the scientific study of sensory and emotions. Esthetic theory may also be termed as Aesthetic theory. The term aesthetics is derived from a Greek word aisthanomal which means to perceive, feel or sense. It has been defined by scholars as an expression of nature, art and culture. Aesthetic is further divided into four theories; music, literary film and art. Theodor Adorno believed that were ‘two spheres of music’. He went ahead to call these spheres serious and popular music. In his article ‘On Popular Music’ he talked about the difference between the two. Adorno looked down upon popular music and its effect on society and said that aesthetically, it was inferior to what he termed at the art of music. Adorno claimed that popular music is ‘standardized.’ He claimed that all popular music, regardless of the artist, lyrics or song, is the same one way or another thus resulting in the listener having a similar reaction to all songs in the particular genre. He claimed that due to this similarity or ‘standardization’ popular music would attract more listeners not because of its unique nature but because majority if not all the listeners already know what to expect from the particular song and they would automatically like the song, leading to its purchase. Pop music in its lyrics points or calls to the emotions of the listener or their desires and giving the individual the feel of what they should aim for or just have, a feature that is not across all songs, ‘…their response to music immediately expresses their desire to obey’ (Adorno, On Popular Music , 1941). According to Adorno, listening to popular music made the listener aware of the limitations and unfulfilled aims of their lives and causing the individual to become satisfied with their life and looking to pop music as a form of a way out of their lives and that they should aim for...
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