Architecture Students of Evsu

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Case study Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Background of the study
One of the things instructors and professors are concerned of is the way students deal with their subjects. Subjects are given to help students gain knowledge that are related to their chosen fields. It guides students to learn every detail needed in their future profession. Subjects are given in a ladderized basis which means that the knowledge learned in one subject will lead to the preceding subjects. This only shows that every single subject in a course curriculum is important and must not be taken lightly by students. Unfortunately, students tend to focus on one or some subjects they thought most important and needed in their field. Students somehow prioritize these subjects that they tend to disregard their other subjects. This is not of course saying that all students treat their subjects in this manner; there are still others that deal equally to all their subjects. This issue among students catches the attention of the researchers and decided to study further about the said problem. Since the researchers are architecture students, they wanted to focus specifically on the department they belong to. This research study will be about the prioritize subjects of the architecture students of Eastern Visayas State University. On personal matter, the researchers happened to experience the same issue on which they prioritize some of their subjects. Based on their experience, they wanted to observe if other architecture students also experience this. In this connection, the researchers had decided to gather data and information on how the architecture students deal with their subjects.

Statement of the Problem
This study generally attempts to survey and gather insights of architecture students about their prioritized subjects. Specifically; it will be answered by the following questions. 1. What are the profiles of the students in terms of?

1.1 Field of Interest
1.2 Subject(s) of Interest
1.3 Current Year Level
2. Are the...
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