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Examples of Different Styles and Dynamics
Gothic cathedrals are embraced for their elegance and beauty. Several famous gothic cathedrals are St. Denis
Notre Dame
Gothic cathedrals point to the shifting ideologies of the time. Gothic architecture mirrors an aesthetic sensibility and dynamic mindset. Gothic cathedrals, with slight structural frames, flying buttresses, and pointed arches, display a more artistic sensibility and dynamism uncharacteristic of Romanesque cathedrals. Gothic cathedrals have pointed arches and higher walls. Gothic cathedrals have many large windows with stained glass, creating an effect of luminosity and light. Gargoyles, which were believed to keep away evil, are another distinguishing feature of Gothic cathedrals. What Made Them Different

Ancient Greek architecture is not only well known for its temples, but also for the open-air theatres (amphitheaters) and the open public market square or agora. Around the agora were often buildings fronted with an open wall of columns

The architectural styles found in these buildings, are based on the formalized method of construction and decoration that they liked to use. Their characteristic features can be seen on their buildings that have survived to present day.

Gothic cathedrals are tall, their arches soar heavenward, and rays of sunlight pour through high, stained-glass windows and bathe the wood, masonry, and marble. Walls, columns, entrances, and doors are carved with figures and scenes from the Bible.

The façade of a large church or cathedral, often referred to as the West Front, is generally designed to create a powerful impression on the approaching worshipper, demonstrating both the might of God, and the might of the institution that it represents. One of the best known and most typical of such façades is that of Notre Dame de Paris.

Influence On Modern Architecture
Symmetry and Balance
Basing symmetry and balance...
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