Architecture of the Medieval Cathedrals of England and Cathedral

Topics: Architecture of the medieval cathedrals of England, Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Luis Valentin May, 23, 2013 Cathedrals of England

IN the dictionary, cathedrals are defined as another name or place of worship for Christians, Catholics, and etc. I’m about to take your imagination to some of the homeland of some of the oldest and beautiful cathedrals on Earth. I’m going to introduce you to London, the capital city of England, and the United Kingdom. Before we start our trip, let me tell you the variety of cathedrals we’ll see. There are over 50 cathedrals in England, and over 100 in the United Kingdom. Yet, they’re not the same so I’ll take you through the tour very detailed.

Our first stop will be London. There we will go to St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Palls Cathedral was founded in 604 AD and has been damaged several times thought history. It is the seat of the Bishop, and named after Paul the Apostle. many historical people have been buried in this cathedral such as Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Wellington, and Sir William Alexander Smith. The cathedral is also a great tourist zone in London.

St. Paul’s cathedral has dominated the London skyline for 300 years. Thousands of people arrive in London to have a time of peace and pray in their lives. There is also an enormous inventory of pipes (10,266) for organs.

St. Paul's Cathedral has been damaged several times before. The only one we may remember was probably during The Blitz. During the Battle of London, London was under German bombardment for several days. An ionic photo taken was the dome of St. Paul's cathedral peaking through the devastating smoke, smog, and ash that contaminated the air.

The next cathedral we’ll read about will be in Exeter. The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Exeter was founded...
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