Architecture in the Movie, The Dark Knight Rises

Topics: Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: May 5, 2013
In the movie The Dark Knight Rises, lots of typology of architecture was featured. The underground architecture -such as the sewage were Bane and his followers hid from the Police in the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises and the famous cave under the Wayne palace were Bruce (Batman) hid his Batman costume, weapons and means of transportation (car, motorcycle and plane)-played an important role in the movie. Also in the movie, there was architecture from different eras. For example the Wayne palace was built in the 1800’s as mentioned in the first movie Batman Begins. It was destroyed at the end of the movie and rebuilt in The Dark Knight Rises. Since the Wayne palace was destroyed in the first movie, in The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne lived in an apartment in a skyscraper that viewed the modern architecture and design. In The Dark Knight Rises, the architecture in Gotham city was featured in opposite ways before the revolution, in the time of Harvey Dent, and after the revolution that was led by Bane. Harvey Dent was a symbol of justice in Gotham city. He was featured in The Dark Knight. He was a lawyer who made the “Dent Act” which is a law that helps imprison almost all of Gotham’s criminals. In his time and after the Dent Act and how the act “cleaned up the streets of Gotham”, Gotham city was seen as a symbol of justice where the criminals were jailed and the “organized crimes” were demolished. After the death of Harvey Dent the city remained “clean” until 8 years later with the appearance of Bane that took over the city. After the revolution of Bane, the city was seen as a symbol of corruption. It is very obvious the difference between Dent’s time and Bane’s time in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. In The Dark Knight (Dent’s time), the city was somehow normal in comparison to The Dark Knight Rises (Bane’s time) where the city was ghost-like. The bridges connecting Gotham with the city were all destroyed, the streets are full of tanks and no people...
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