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RMZ Millennia Business Park in Chennai have seen a continuous saving in energy consumption. They have installed the Digital Oculus sensor that would dim-up and dim down the lights based on occupancy and daylight availability. They strategically use day-lighting and better lamps which adds to their savings. India’s largest leed gold rated green building.

Grass Crete Pavers for Surface Parking at RMZ Millennia, Chennai The Project Team at RMZ Corp had focused on several aspects pertaining to the design of the project such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, rain water harvesting, eco-friendly products/equipment, site ecology, more open area with greeneries to minimize the heat island effect, enhanced indoor air quality, reuse of soil within the building premises, parking bays with electric recharging points for hybrid cars, CFC free refrigerants, strategic waste management system to facilitate effective disposal and recycling, etc. RMZ Millennia Business Park consumes 10% less energy & 30% less water when compared to conventional buildings in India.

Recharging stations at the Parking Area of RMZ Millennia, Chennai, to encourage battery operated cars 
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Sensor for Urinals at RMZ Millenia Business Park, Chennai - India's largest LEED Gold Rated Green Building  
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