Architectural Designs of Castles vs. Modern Homes

Topics: Middle Ages, Castle, Fortification Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Is the architectural design of modern homes slowly changing back to the architectural design of castles in the Middle Ages? If design of homes is changing back to design of castles is it a reflection on our society that castles of the Middle Ages were built primarily for defense. Does this mean that as a society we are tying to pull away from each other? There are many similar characteristics and features between modern homes and castles that are incorporated into the design specifically for defense reasons. Castles in the Middle Ages were built primarily for defense in war. They were constantly being attacked so they had to be built very strong and almost impenetrable. Castles were very large to protect from invaders, but they were definitely not made for comfort. They were very dirty inside, but their main purpose was for defense. Castles were built with very strong walls. Some of the castles had walls that could be as big as thirty feet thick. They also had multiple walls so that if invaders got past the outer wall they still had to get past one or two more, this made defending the castle much easier. The walls were constructed with narrow, wedge-shaped slits in them for archers to shoot arrows at invaders. The outer walls also had holes in the floors for defenders to drop rocks down on invading people who had gotten through the first wall. These holes were called murder holes. Inside the castle were many knights, archers, and soldiers prepared to defend against anyone who breaks all of the way through the walls and gets inside of the castle. Castles also had very large gates and gatehouses to let people into the castle. There was a gatehouse for each wall. Each gatehouse usually had a very large metal and wooden gate that could be lowered into the opening to stop an enemy from getting in or it could be raised to let friends in. Besides huge gates, outer gatehouses also had drawbridges, which could be lowered across moats to let people...
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