Archimedes Was a Mathematician and Inventor of Ancient Greece Born on 287 B.C. in Syracuse on the Island of Sicily.

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Water pumps, burning mirrors, levers, war machines, spheres, cylinders, circles, spheroids, or spirals, ever wondered who first thought of them? Where they came from? All of these things were considered during Archimedes life. Not much is known about Archimedes life. Yet he is still regarded as one of the most important scientists of classical antiquity. Archimedes was a mathematician with much fame whose philosophies became known all over the world. He gained the reputation that he had on his own clock. Not many other mathematicians of his time achieved that accomplishment. Archimedes was so brilliant that he is still considered by most historians throughout time as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. Archimedes was a mathematician and inventor of Ancient Greece born on 287 B.C. in Syracuse on the island of Sicily. His father was an astronomer named Phidias. It is said that Archimedes was known to be a relative of Hiero II. Hiero was the king of Syracuse during the life of Archimedes. Throughout their lives they were very close friends. However besides his father’s name and occupation and his relationship with Hiero nothing else is really known about any other members of Archimedes family. At one point of Archimedes life it was his inventions that delayed the capture of Syracuse by the Romans. Archimedes remained in Syracuse for most of his life except when he went to school in Alexandria. Since Greeks loved to learn and be full of knowledge they would send their sons to schools to become wise Greek citizens. Archimedes had one of the best educations as a boy. When he was in his teens Archimedes traveled to Alexandria and went to one of the most famous schools of mathematics that had been founded by Euclid. There he studied astronomy, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, astrology, geography, surveying, mechanics, and alchemy with many other brilliant minds of his time. Various subjects he studied when he was younger were poetry, politics,...
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