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Biography of a Mathematician
October 28, 2013
Michael Gray
Biography of a Mathematician
Archimedes, one of the greatest mathematicians, engineers, physicist, inventors, and astronomer's in history. Ranked with the likes of Isaac Newton and Carl Gauss, Archimedes contributions to math include the area of geometry, number theory, algebra, and theorems of plane. Birth

Archimedes was born in Syracuse, Greece on the island of Sicily in 287 BC. Son of Pheidias, a well-known astronomer, and research showing that Archimedes is thought to be a relative of King Hiero II. King Hiero II questioned a crown made for him. Archimedes studied the crown and discovered the purity of the gold in the crown. Archimedes was sitting in a bath house, watching water running from the crown of King Hiero II, observing the pattern of the water, Archimedes figured the excess of bulk with the introduction of certain alloys can be measured by placing the crown with an equal weight of gold in a separate container filled with water. This observation showed the difference of overflow; and the birth of the Archimedes Screw. Education

Phidias, Archimedes father did not want his son in Syracuse during the times of war, living a life of luxury, Archimedes was allowed o peruse the finer things in life, education. Greek families at the time wanted children to be knowledgeable, knowledge at that time was very important and a powerful tool to poses. While seeking out knowledge, and educational pursuits, Archimedes received his formal schooling in Alexandria, Egypt at the Euclid school of Mathematics. While attending school in Alexandria, Archimedes became friends with Conon of Samos, a young mathematician whom Archimedes admired and became close friends with. Mathematical discoveries Archimedes achieved, were discussed at length with his friend Canon of Samos before any publication of said discoveries. As young adult, Archimedes returned to his native land and...

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