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Inventions of Archimedes
Archimedes area of expertise was inventions and coming up with great ideas. He was a very smart person, and had invented some useful inventions for human kind for what is still used today. BC. He was a physicist, engineer, inventor, astronomer and a Greek mathematician. Archimedes is one of the greatest math mathematicians of all time. He has been given credit for the invention of the lever even though it was used thousand of years before his time despite the fact that he did not invent it. He only gave an explanation of the principal involved in his work. Once He had made the statement “If I were to have a place to stand, I would be able to move the entire earth”. Another invention Archimedes had invented was the Archimedes screw. This invention helps to bring water from lower areas to higher grounds by a rotating screw inside a tube constantly. The water is forced out the tube even though the water is at lower ground. This invention is also used today. Also an interesting invention Archimedes invented was the Heat Ray. This was used to destroy enemy ships by catching a part of the ship on fire then having it burn all the way down. People have tested this invention out to see if it was true for example, in 1973 a Greek scientist Ioannis Sakkas but had failed. In 2006 the Mythbusters had tested out this invention but also failed, while in 2005 a group of students had a small flame on a wooden ship they made. Archimedes childhood

Archimedes was born in the seaport city of Syracuse, Sicily on c. 287 BC and since there are little records on his birth people don’t know very much about his childhood. He was related to King Hiero II, the ruler of Syracuse by “parallel lives” which was stated by Plutarch, a Greek historian. Apart from where Archimedes had lived, there is not very much information about his childhood....
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