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Examples of Archetypes

* “The main character leaves his or her community to go on an adventure, performing deeds that bring honor to the community”. Mother figure
* Fairy Godmother (surrogate mother) - comforts and directs child, especially when he or she is confused and needs guidance. Represents powers that can be called on for help when it is needed. Helps young person to solve own problems. * Earth Mother - associated with birth, warmth, protection, fertility, growth, abundance; the unconscious. * Terrible Mother (the witch, sorceress, siren) - associated with fear, danger, and death. Father Figure

* The leader and protector of a group is usually thought of as a father figure The great teacher/mentor
* Wise old men/women—protects or helps main character when he or she faces challenges. The innocent
* Child/Youth
* The underdog is the character who seems always at a disadvantage. Helping animals
* They are animals who help some characters especially the main character in facing problem. The Sacrificial Redeemer
* “The protagonist is willing to die for his or her beliefs; the main character maintains a strong sense of morality” Scapegoat/Sacrificial Victim
* The scapegoat figure is the one who gets blamed for everything, regardless of whether he or she is actually at fault. Enchantress/Temptress
* Working against the hero is the villain.
* The villain's role is ultimately to be defeated by the hero. Trickster
* appears to be the opposite of the wise old man because of his close affinity with the shadow archetype; however, we should mention that he has a positive side and may even serve a healing function through his transformative influence. Star-crossed lovers - This is the young couple joined by love but unexpectedly parted by fate. Evil figure

* The Devil
* Serpent- symbol of energy and pure force; evil, corruption, sesuality, destruction,...
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