Archetype "Cinderella" and "Rough-Faced Girl" Comparison

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Cinderella Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: October 17, 2007
Throughout Native American culture, they have always used everything and not waste anything. For example if they hunt a buffalo, the Indians make sure everything from the buffalo is used. They use the skin for clothing, bones for tools, and meat for food. Everyone is equal except the wise old men and the shaman. Native Americans use the nature to guide them through the day. They know the meaning of respect and never rebelled against authority. Indians never cared how their clothing looks to their peers; they always wore what was given to them. The American culture of the 1950s is the exact opposite of the Native Americans. The years after World War Two were generally prosper and stable for the middle-class Caucasian. The United States manage to turn the post war into a consumers culture with a snap of a finger. During immediate boom of consumerism, suburbs, and economy it overshadowed the some poverty. This rising prosperity didnt apply to everyone. During this time everyone was obsessed with consumer goods such as automobiles, television, stereos, dishwasher, etc. There was subculture of greasers that originated in the 1950s. They tend to own expensive classical hot rod and motorcycles. Greasers tend to be very conscious about their appearance. They wear leather jackets and comb back their hair with an abundance of hair wax. Rock and roll is the music of choice for Greasers. These two comparisons are very similar to Cinderella and the Rough-Faced Girl. There are major differences between the Disneys Cinderella and the Rough-Faced Girl.

In the Rough-Face Girl, it describes his society and its surrounding with a prominence on Nature, not on affluence by possessions. Pictures of the sun, moon, stars, plants, trees, and animals are painted in the wigwams showing what the Invisible Being finds significant in his village. The Disney version everyone is consumed with wearing the extravagant dresses and jewelry. The fairy godmother did her magic and changed her...
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