Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assasination

Topics: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gavrilo Princip Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: December 6, 2011
One Wrong Turn
Austro-Hungarian Archduke assassinated Who is really to blame?
29th June 1914

Left: Franz Ferdinand/ Middle: Nedjelko Cabrinovic/ Right: Gavrilo Princip Yesterday Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie were shot by Serb Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo on a visit to Bosnia. Gavrilo Princip is believed to be part of the Black Hand Gang, a group of terrorists that want Bosnia to become part of Serbia. Cornel Api, the head of Serbia’s military is thought to be the person that supplied the gang with their weapons and training. Other members of the Gang are Vasco Cubrilovic, Cvijetko Popovic, Milan Ciganovic, Mohammed Mehmedbasic, Trifco Grabez, Danilo Ilic, and Nedjelko Cabrinovic who had already attempted to assassinate Ferdinand

earlier that day with a grenade. This attempt failed but it injured 12 people. The Black Hand Gang believe that Bosnia should separate from Austro-Hungary and rejoin to Serbia (the country they all come from). The Archduke was the next heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary and nephew of the current and hated king. The terrorists attacked him in an attempt to disrupt Austro-Hungary and to make a point to the people. When interviewed, Nedjelko Cabrinovic said,” we shall die heroes of Bosnia and Serbia having lead the

way in the liberation of Bosnia”.
The Archduke and his
wife were in Sarajevo on a
visit to show the people of Bosnia that things would be better when he inherited the thrown. The Archduke insisted that only 140 police officers should be used to patrol the 4 mile route. The Chief of Police’s approach to the matter was also lax, he said,” if God wishes him to die today then no matter how many men are on patrol he will die”.

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