Archaeology and the Ancient Human Remains

Topics: Bog body, Haraldskær Woman, Lindow Man Pages: 4 (1675 words) Published: March 13, 2011
ARCHAEOLOGY/ANCIENT HUMAN REMAINS Archaeology is the scientific study of past cultures and the way people lived based on the things they left behind. Archaeological techniques involve finding the site, use of specialists, use of technology, dating methods, and preservation/ conservation. From the techniques used to study the remains of human bodies and the specific locations in which they were found, it is possible to learn details of their lives prior to their deaths and then later preservation. Three specific cases where the study of human remains has led to an insight into the persons life are the Ice man, Lindow man, and Tollund man. Finding the site is the first step which involves chance finds where archaeologists come across the remains by chance, elcetrical properties is where they measure the temputure of the soil this helps find the human remains because they contain heat, and aerial photos can be laid out and the perceptive archaeologist can intuitively identify prospective buried sites by analysis of every geographic feature in the vicinity. Finding the site helps the understanding of the bodies culture, the location where a human remain is found could tell us the believes they had etc. Ice man, Lindow man, and Old croghan man were chance finds. Once a body is found the use of specialists (a technique), is used to examine the body. The use of specialists include archaeologists which determine the human remians social status, wealth, and occupation. Forensic pathologists find the cause of death, time of death, and age/gender. Biologists tell what they ate. Specialist also use the technique use of technology which includes CT scans, X-rays, and facial reconstruction.These techniques help the understanding of how they died and things that happened before that. To tell the social status, wealth, and occupation archaeologists examine his clothing, equipment, and age.To find the time and cause of death forensic pathologist examine the bones, CT scans and...
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