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Video Review #1
What’s the best thing about being an archeologist?
This video is about the various things that archeologists do that make their job great. They are able to uncover stories from the past that nobody even knew about until they discovered them. Being prove riht about a site or culture is one of the perks of the job as well. You get to meet people from all over the world who share in your passion. You imagination is a powerful tool when recreating the past in the present. This video does an exceptional job in highlighting the best things about being an archeologist. I have often thought about becoming as archaeologist but I only like to look for things and the rest of it holds little interest for me.

Video Review #2
What is Archaeology?
This video is about the definition of archaeology and what it entails. Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through looking at artifacts and excavating sites. They spend a lot of time wandering around looking for things but they call this surveying. When excavations happen they can be for several reasons, one is to recover items to protect them from construction. Other times it is to understand more of what they see on the surface during a survey. These items are either given to a museum for a collection on display or to the relatives of those who lived there. This video does a great job explaining what an excavation is and why they happen.

Lecture 8/27
Why study civilizations?
You live in one
They all collapse
There are lessons to be learned from others experiences
The accomplishments of ancient societies contribute to our appreciation of the human achievement A comparative analysis of the rise and fall of human civilizations The lessons of archaeology
“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana Mesopotamia
Land between the two waters (Tigris and Euphrates)
Heartland of urbanism
Birthplace of empires
Landscape of conflict
Ancient Egypt
Civilization along the Nile
Environment and society
Rise of political authority
Religion and politics
Ideology and power
Aegean Civilizations
Trade and the emergence of social elites
Palace based kingdoms
Environmental catastrophe and history
Maritime kingdoms
Ancient Greece
Dark ages to Golden Era
Democracy and polity
Consequences of warfare
Shared culture of Hellenic world and peer polity interaction Roman Empire
From village to metropolis
Political tensions, revolts and centralization of power
Strategies of far flung empire
Ancient China
Agrarian bases of power
Religion, resource control and power
Early writing
Consolidation of power
Empire, history and the Great Wall of China
Ancient North America
Social complexity in Native North America
Cultural diversity
American southwest: Hohokam, Ancestral Pueblo
Mississippian culture: Cahokia, pre Columbian
Mesoamerica/Middle America
Mesoamerica as a culture area
Environmental complexities and political trajectories
Emergence of complex societies
Andean Civilizations
Religion and emergence of monumental architecture
Andean chiefdoms, states and empires
Lecture 8/29
“I are a collej stewdent”
Tips for success
CSUDH- 30% freshmen drop out first year
30% undergraduates complete BA in 6 years
Why? Lack of support groups
Personal challenge
Lack of effective academic skills
Today’s Expectations
Basic expectations of you as a college student
Intro to support
Call teacher either Professor of Doctor
Syllabus- summarizes dates
Reading topics/assignments
Learning outcomes
Emailing professor-
Student email- use toromail account
Inappropriate classroom behavior- anything that interferes with learning Why are 12-15 units full time? Every class hour is 2-3 hours at home Will I...
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