Arch Bar Case Study

Topics: Bone, Osteoporosis, Vitamin D, Calcium, Bone fracture, Knee / Pages: 2 (476 words) / Published: Oct 4th, 2015

Introduction Mandible is a corticocancelous bone and constitutes the strongest and most rigid component of the facial skeleton, second most commonly fractured bones of the face and this is directly related to its prominent and exposed position. Prevalence rates epidemiological studies for fracture mandible are between 60 and 81%1. The etiology of symphysis and parasymphysis fractures is largely from trauma from interpersonal violence or motor. Falls, industrial accidents, and sports injuries are lesser etiologies. The gender predilection found in fracture of mandible was more towards the male. Hippocrates also
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The bar itself serves as a tension band in the treatment of mandible fractures, and it is versatile in directing complex vectors for fracture reduction. The shortcomings of arch bar include soft tissue trauma to the periodontium and buccal mucosa, movement of the teeth in lateral and extrusive direction, difficult oral hygiene, increased operative time for placement and removal, and risk of penetrating injury to the surgeon. Besides that the advantages of quick fix include their quick, safe and facile placement and removal; decreased trauma to periodontium; less complicated oral hygiene; the ability to use intraoperative and postoperative elastic guidance. Intermaxillary fixation is used to achieve proper occlusion during and after oral and maxillofacial fracture surgery. The intermaxillary fixation time was about four to six weeks, and the intermaxillary fixation method should be stable during all this time. The goal of the treatment of mandible fracture should be to return the patient to a preinjury state of function and esthetics, restore proper function by ensuring union of the fractured segments and reestablishing preinjury strength; to restore any contour defect that might arise as a result of the injury; and to prevent infection at the fracture

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