Aravind Eye Care Strategy

Topics: Ophthalmology, Blindness, Diabetic retinopathy Pages: 6 (1104 words) Published: February 11, 2013
* Quality eye care to rich and poor alike.
* Blindness is needless and curable most of the times.
* Start the community outreach programmes.
* No cross-subsidization.

* Increase the awareness of blindness-cures and need for early treatment. * Helping other hospitals to increase their level of productivity. * Increase the %age of IOL surgeries.
* Increase the productivity of doctors.
* Increase learning of doctors.
* Large volumes were necessary for economic viability.
* To provide affordable treatment to all.
* Increase the geographical spread.
* Increase the functional diversity.
* Recruitment of suitable talent.
* Strong Value System
* Able guidance of Dr. V


* Large number of people



P –
E – Significant large number of cases of cataract in India and growing. S – Large % of population is poor. Unable to afford eye treatment. T – No as such technology development. MNC and corporate houses even if engaged tried to protect with patents. L –

E – At such a high cost, giving free or subsidized treatment is not possible.


* Went organically. Developed in-house capabilities.
* No government aid.
* No donations.
These measures helped in maintaining the flexibility and helped retaining the value system. They invested in R&D through LAICO.

Economic Logic
* Number of surgeries done per doctors.
* Surplus in financials.
* Number of Beds.
* Cost of treatment.
* Number of eye-camps.
* Number of complication rates.

* Systems orientation to enhance the productivity of doctors. * Well-trained paramedical staff. At eye-camps, managing huge crowd requires great synchronization. Highly co-ordinated event by paramedical staff and doctors resulted in large volumes. * Software enables patients to choose doctors, dates and incorporate patients’ preferences. It is leading to increase productivity of doctors as time not wasted in back and forth for choices on clash of dates etc. * Strong value system. They do not give preference to recommendation letters. (Fulfilling Objective 10) * Greater exposure to doctors in surgical wards, exchange programmes and collaborative research programmes. Helps in their learning. (Objective 5) * In-house research.

* Backward integration in production and retailing of low cost lenses which resulted in cost-effective treatment. * Quality was prime objective. Number of compilation rates …….. have been low. (Accomplishing mission 1) * Work environment was good. For example, morbidity meetings organized in non-threatening manner. Good understanding between medical and ophthalmologic assistants. (Objective 4) * Integrity which leads to increased productivity and learning. * High degree of standardization resulted in increase in productivity and volumes.

Strategy from 2003-11


Remained Unaltered


It also remained mostly same but some new objectives were added. * Increase %age of IOL surgeries.
* Increase functional diversity.
* Retention of talent.

Changes in environment
* Incidence of cataract as the major cause of blindness. With increasing awareness, demand for early surgeries is expected to grow. * Reducing demand for free services. Increasing spending power likely to make people move away from free services. * Other areas requiring eye care on a rise.

* Diabetic retinopathy (DR), Refraction correction, Glaucoma * Prevention and awareness is the best cure here.
* Demand of laser surgeries likely to go high.
* High Cost of Laser equipment.
* Training of doctors
* Competitive employee space
* Salaries of doctors becoming competitive.
* Excellent training and wide exposure make AEC’s doctors high in demand. * Technology improvement – patients able...
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