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With a global operation like Aramex, it makes sense to use the technology of a global leader like Avaya. It’s truly remarkable the difference reliable and intelligent communications can make in an organization as widespread as ours. – Mohammad Shahin, Jordan Country Manager.

ARAMEX, part of Arab International Logistics (AIL) and listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is the leading provider of total transportation solutions in the Middle East and North Africa regions and South Asia, offering express delivery, freight forwarding and logistics solutions. Founded 23 years ago, ARAMEX employs over 4,000 people in 200 offices spanning five continents and has a strong global alliance network offering worldwide presence. For more information, visit

features. It did not support least-cost routing, advanced forwarding and followme features, mobility or IP telephony. The system was also used as a basic call center: it supplied very little in terms of skill-based routing, intelligent routing and advanced reporting. Additionally, the system did not support IP telephony, which limited Aramex’s ability to deploy advanced applications (such as CTI integration) or centrally manage and deploy its system. The Aramex call center handles an average of 4,000 calls a day, with callers requiring all sorts of information from

The senior management of Jordan-based ARAMEX sought new ways of enhancing communication between sites and increasing flexibility with third party vendors, customers and partners. Its old phone system was a legacy TDM system that supported basic telephony

a large number of different sources. The organization was suffering from calls not being handled by the correct person, calls being dropped after not being answered, and the lack of comprehensive or accurate reporting. In addition, Aramex uses “teams” to handle customer requests: it was always very hard to reach different members of the designated team.

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