Araby vs. Going to the Moon

Topics: Male, Boy, Female Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: November 15, 2006
"Araby" Vs. "Going to the Moon"
By: Heba Haidar

Humans have always been curious beings. Their curiosity has brought about new experiences, and new knowledge that helped in the process of their evolution. Human children grow up and learn about the world by utilizing their sense of curiosity to gain new experiences in life. This curiosity that is built into us at birth is what drives us to be drawn to the unkown. "Araby", by James Joyce and "Going to the moon", by Nino Ricci are both short stories that show that the Human curiosity is indeed what makes humans drawn to the unknown. Both stories are about young boys and both have a female impact on them, both boys are drawn to new places unknown to them and in the end, both come out with disappointment because of shattered promises about the unknown.

Firstly, in life, males and females are often fascinated by each other, because of the differences in their nature. Males are drawn to females because of their differences and vice versa. In this sense, to each other, the genders are the unknowns. In James Joyce's "Araby", a little boy is deeply infatuated and virtually enchanted by his friends' sister. He watched her and thought a lot about her, as was stated, "every morning I lay on the floor in the front parlour watching her door…when she came out on the doorstep my heart leaped" (p.288 Echoes). This shows that the boy was deeply infatuated and obsessed with a girl he did not converse with. The boy was shy and "had never spoken to her" (p.288) He was simply drawn to her because of the fact that she was an unknown to him. She was a girl whom he did not completely comprehend and this intrigued him. In comparison, Nino Ricci's, "Going to the Moon" was also about a boy, who was attracted to a female. The little boy was deeply taken by his teacher who stood out significantly from all the others in the school run by nuns. Miss Johnson was described as a, "burst of colour in a grey landscape, coming to school in...
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