Arabic Language

Topics: Arabic language, Semitic languages, Middle East Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Historical Background Of Arabic Language:
Arabic language, with its rich heritage is considered to be one of the oldest languages in the world with a wealth of knowledge that archeologists to this day are still trying to uncover. Since the middle Ages, Arabic has enjoyed a universality that makes it one of the greatest languages in the world, along with Greek and Latin. This status shows not only the number of speakers, but also the place that the language has held in history, and the significant role that it has played, and is still playing in the development of Arab-Muslim Society .In addition to that Arabic has not simply remained helpful to Islam, but also has been an important medium of cultural and national revival in the Arabic-Speaking countries. Arabic, the language that was spoken by Allah and Muhammad, has roots going back as far as the Sixth Century, clearly founded in a Semitic predecessor. Specifically, Arabic belongs to the Semitic group of languages which include Akkadian (Babylonian and Assyrian) ,Ugaritic ,Hebrew ,Phoenician ,Aramaic ,Syriac ,Ethiopic ,South Arabic and many Arabic dialects , and is a member of the Semitic subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic group of languages .The common ancestor for all Semitic languages in the Afro-Asiatic group of languages is called Proto-Semitic .From the earliest times down to the present ,evidences reveal that the permanent home of the Semitic languages is in a contiguous area that includes the Fertile Crescent ,the Arabian Peninsula ,and Ethiopia .Within this area , three main geographical distributions of the Semitic languages should be described .First of all the North -east Semitic is found in Mesopotamia ,and includes Akkadian , the earliest listed Semitic language. Next the North-west Semitic, which comes from the area of Syria-Palestine .And finally the Southwest Semitic group, is found in the areas of Arabia and Ethiopia, and Arabic and Ethiopic are the two major languages from this...
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