Arab Spring, Social Movement?

Topics: Egypt, Middle East, North Africa Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Arab Spring? Social Movement?
Change in society is not always bad, a time of transition from one phase towards another is something that might bring a better condition for the future. Even if the transition period are filled with violence, the end result of the transformation can be either in the shape of new government or even a society change. The beginning of those transitions and transformation are triggered by an action call social movement. In this paper, the writer will attempt to describe, and analyze one case of social movement in the world, more specifically the case of the Arab Spring. According to Snow, Soule and Kriesi (2004: 11), Social movements can be thought of as 'collectivities acting with some degree of organization and continuity outside of institutional or organizational channels for the purpose of challenging or defending extant authority, whether it is institutionally or culturally based, in the group, organization, society, culture, or world order of which they are a part'. Whereas according to Tilly (1984: 306), a social movement is a sustained series of interactions between power holders and persons successfully claiming to speak on behalf of a constituency lacking formal representation, in the course of which those persons make publicly visible demands for changes in the distribution or exercise of power, and back those demands with public demonstrations of support. Here, we can draw a conclusion that in order for a movement to be considered “Social movement” it is caused by some kind of dissatisfaction of condition in a state and that movement is able to mobilize the mass towards reaching the same goal in some kind of public demonstration. Here we will see that indeed the Arab Spring in 2010 can be indeed considered as a social movement. On Saturday 18th of December 2010 a series of revolutions erupted across the Arab World. The Arab Spring started with massive rallies, marches and demonstrations in the streets of Tunisia. What...
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