Arab Spring

Topics: Middle East, Egypt, North Africa Pages: 5 (1608 words) Published: August 26, 2014
January 25, 2014 AP European Qualifying Assignment Arab Spring

The revolutionary performances of anti-government protest and counterdemonstrations performed in the Arab World that commenced on December 17th, 2010 are well known as The Arab Spring. Violent and non-violent actions done by citizens of different nations have caused outbreaks on governments and civil wars affecting all. These disturbances originated in the country of Tunisia and dispersed to other Middle East nations such as Syria, Egypt and Libya. Due to the protest from these nations, transformations have been established in the Arab World by Western Liberalism and outcomes for the future can already be predicted by the events of Arab Spring. The emerging of several protests, known as The Arab Spring, began on December 17th, 2010 when a young graduate committed an unforgettable act of sacrifice for a strong belief. Mohammed Bouazizi, a jobless graduate, was selling vegetables in the country of Tunisia to support his family when a police official confiscated his cart for selling them without a “permit”. (The Guardian) Immediately after, in protest, Bouazizi proceeds to the provincial-capital building to complain but receives no response. Angered by the lack of reaction from the government, Bouazizi sets himself to flames in the middle of the street (The Protester: Kurt Anderson). The rioting in Tunisian and every outbreak in many other Middle Eastern nations began from the action done by Bouazizi and the sacrifice he made for others struggling with unemployment. “The vegetable seller who sparked the protest,” (The Guardian) was used as a headline to proclaim the foundation to a plethora of conflicts that would continue for many years. Soon after Bouazizi died as a martyr, commotion provoked by the angered youth outspread through many parts of Tunisian -- “Hundreds of youths [who] smashed shop windows and damaged cars.” (Reuters) Frustration and rage from the death of Bouazizi and the high levels of unemployment in the region influenced this behavior from the youth that resulted in various arrests. The people of Tunisian demanded political changes and economic opportunities to those who battle with unemployment and corruption. Since the graduate’s sacrifice, ten days of violent protesting killing as much as two people have been made in a nation where “dissent is rare.”(The Guardian; Julian Borger) Despite actions attempted by Tunisian’s president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, such as his televised announcement made on December 29th, 2010 assuring punishment to rioters that caused the death of two and Bouazizi, and promising more occupations for others, protest still sustained. Due to the oppressive rule of dictator Ben Ali, his wife and his regime, the people of Tunisian have suffered from high unemployment, rising food prices, corruption, political repression, and no freedom of speech. The hostile regime of Ben Ali and the anger from the Tunisian people have exceeded to “explosive levels” (World Revolution 2011 - The Arabian Spring!: YouTube Video). The death of Bouazizi triggered an outrage and numerous days of protest done by unemployed and irritated people. On January 9th, 2011, protesters encountered with the police and set fire into cars in Tunisia (Arab Spring Timeline: YouTube Video). A “revolution” was arising- The Jasmine Revolution; changing and affecting everything in the country of Tunisia. Hundreds of Tunisian people would stay grounded in the streets, protesting in front of their government demanding freedom and change! Despite the agonizing pain from being beaten by police officials, arrested and even killed, the youth did not stand down until justice was served. On the date of January 14th, Ben Ali surrenders to the protests and fled to Saudi...
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