Arab Spring

Topics: Egypt, Western world, United Arab Emirates Pages: 2 (1378 words) Published: August 4, 2014
Arab Spring

Arab Spring is the name given to the recent series of rebellions and revolts against the undemocratic regimes in Middle East and North Africa. Various factors such as poverty, unemployment, inflation and undemocratic practices were the main causes of these revolts.(This sentence should have been in the present participle since your first sentence is in present, avoid switching between tenses in one paragraph) Nobody had contemplated that what started as a small protest against police corruption and ill treatment by the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, will(would) convert into mass rebellions(demonstrations would be more appropriate here) and will(would) engulf the major countries of Middle East and North Africa. The protesters mainly comprising of youngsters actively participated in the peaceful protests and heavily relied on social media such as Facebook, Twitter MY Space, You Tube and Skype to organize, communicate, and raise awareness in the face of states’ attempts (aimed)at repression and internet censorship. Major countries where the Arab Spring mostly concentrated(has been witnessed) were, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Yemen. Up till now, these revolutions have successfully resulted in the toppling of Tunisian President Zain ul Abedin and the Egyptian President Husni Mubarak. In Libiya, these peaceful protests were transformed into a civil war which has not ended till now, but according to the latest news, rebel forces have successfully encircled Tripoli, the capital of Libya. In Syria and Yemen, the rebellions(street protest) are still going on and the government is using very harsh and violent ways to clamp down on the protesters. The small uprisings which started in (the) UAE and Saudi Arabia were successfully settled down by heavy deployment of military and swift economic concessions. The responses of the western countries to these uprisings have been biased. In countries like Bahrin, Saudi Arabia and...
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