Arab Isreali War

Topics: Israel, Egypt / Pages: 18 (4444 words) / Published: Nov 21st, 2011
After the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, tensions between the newly founded Jewish state and the Arab states were at an all time high, but it wasn’t until May and June of 1967 that tensions would turn volatile. The region was in a state of anarchy with multiple states competing for power within the region. Actions by leaders of both states made the already convoluted situation harder to interpret, and would ultimately lead to one state’s action. During those months, Arab nations, more specifically Egypt, began to impose trade restrictions, massing forces upon Israel’s border, and disputing Israeli water rights on the Jordan River. These actions began to bring forth the reasons as to why Israel, while greatly outnumbered, decided to attack the Arabs that were amassed on their borders.
In an Offensive Realist world, international theorists try to predict where conflicts will arise based on a world that consists of states trying to gain power, where nation’s intentions are masked, and a world that is enveloped in anarchy. This essay analyzes the actions of the Arab nations that surrounded Israel prior to the Six Days War in 1967. From these events prior to the Six Days War, a preemptive attack was launched by the Israeli’s, thus starting the Six Days War.
The international relations theory of Offensive Realism predominately explains why Israel attacked Egyptian forces in the Six Days War in 1967. When looking deeper into the historical background of the Six Days War it is evident that Security Dilemma, or the basic logic of Offensive Realism, explains why Israel decided to attack Arab forces.
This paper will also analyze the events leading to the Six Days War using the Constructivist Theory. This theory would also help to explain the events of single individuals and some major groups within Israel and relate them to the attack on Egyptian forces. It will also analyze the key individuals, groups, and movements within the Arab world in order to explain the

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