Arab Business Culture vs America Business Culture

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Africa Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Arab Business Etiquette vs. American Business Etiquette
Business etiquette is very important, wherever you are in the world. It can make a huge difference to the success of your business and it can make or break a deal. Most businesspeople are familiar with the correct business etiquette when they are working in their own country, with someone who shares the same customs, language and culture, but cross-cultural business etiquette can be a big challenge. The differences between the ways in which business in done in difference countries can be huge and confusing, but it is essential to understand how to act in new situations if you are going to succeed.

The differences in business etiquette in America and the Arab World are great. Learning how to do business in another culture can show respect for your business partners and it can also help you to understand one another and therefore to do business more successfully. More information about Arab American business can be found on the website.

Religious differences can have important consequences for business etiquette in the Arab World and America. Alcohol and certain foods are prohibited by Islam. Muslims are expected to pray five times a day, and they often do not work on Fridays. Ramadan is one of the most important festivals in Islam, and it involves a month of fasting, during which time it is very difficult to do business. Christianity is the main religion in the United States, and it also involves a number of important festivals during the year, notably Christmas. However, the US is a diverse country in which businesspeople may have difference backgrounds and religious beliefs.

Business in the Arab World is predominantly conducted by men, but there is no such division in the US. It can be difficult for women to participate in business in the Arab World, although it is possible in some countries. Businesspeople from the Arab World should expect to deal with women when they work...
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