Aquarium Life

Topics: Ocean, Marine biology, Oceanography Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Have you ever been to Sea World to see the amazing Shamu shows? What about going to the ocean in hopes to see an enormous sea creature lurking through the water? Do fish astonish you by the way their bodies are created? How do they even live under water? This questions is going through your head and you’re wondering what the answer is. Marine Biologists study things like that along with how fish eat, and swim in their habitat. They discover new things in the ocean everyday! But how did they know they wanted to be marine biologist? What made them decide that that’s what they wanted to do with their life?

I have always had a fascination with fish ever since my dad took me fishing for the first time! It was a nice sunny day, the birds were out chirping, the wind was whistling, and the water was rippling; everything was so nice and peaceful. My dad and I took out the boat to the middle of the lake with two fishing poles and a tackle box filled with tons of bait, weights, and bobbers. It was just me and him in the middle of the lake casting out our fishing poles waiting for a fish to come and get a nibble on all the live bait we had. We were there for a good hour casting and reeling out our poles, pulling in fish that were as big as my head! We pulled in a total of 11 fish! It was a good day to go fishing! Every time my dad or I pulled up a fish I would sit there in astonishment on how they looked. Thoughts and questions were racing through my head about how these fish were swimming with no hands, and how they breathed that long under water! I never knew how fish could breathe under water like that! As I grew older I started researching more and more about fish and how their were so many different types! The older I got the more pressure got put on me that I needed to know what I wanted to do before I go to college. I figured since I love the marine wildlife so much, I would major in Marine Biology!

Marine biology is a very wide subject, so when you say you want...
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