AQA GCSE English/English Language Paper 1 Source 1

Topics: School, Primary school, Primary education Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: November 25, 2014

Source 1: Article on ‘Lifesaving with-class’
What do you learn from the article about the Beach to City programme run by the RNLI? (8) There is a lot that we learn from this article about the Beach to city. Stamp begins the article with a powerful and emergency like sentence which is “Help! I’m drowning”. This automatically makes the reader interested in what has happened and begins to engage with the article. One of the first things we learn is what the term ‘RNLI’ stands for, which is explained by Stamp as he says “(Royal National Lifeboat Institution”. Another point which we learn from the article, is that ‘Beach to City’ is a programme in which RNLI Lifeguards go round to different primary schools that live away from the coast, in ‘Inner cities’ and educate young pupils about the risks and dangers of the seaside. They teach young pupils how to identify a life guard, and where to find them. We learn that those who live away from the coast have been highlighted as a “high risk group who are less likely to be aware of the work of the RNLI”. We also learn that RNLI lifeguards provide fun and useful activities that will increase the probability of the young school children to remember what they have been taught, through the use of role plays and activates in which they can take part in. This is evident when Stamp states, “Sessions are designed to be as memorable and fun as possible with plenty of play-acting to take part in” There is also use of alliteration with an “s” sound as shown in the quote, “Sun protection: Slip on a T-Shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on the sun cream”. This suggests that the RNLI made up this rule as part of a beach safety message. This could be because it may be easy or fun for the young primary school pupils to remember as the phrase “slap on a hat, slop on the sun cream” comes across as ‘childish’ or ‘informal language’ that only young children say. This is another point in which we learn from the article. Another point in which we...
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