Aqa Business Studies Unit 1

Topics: Batch production, Customer, Management Pages: 3 (548 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Explain two benefits for Tony of producing a business plan (6 marks) GA Ltd has received a number of applicants for the Farm Manager’s Position. Explain how GA ltd could decide upon the best applicant (6 Marks) Identify two methods of market research and explain how each method might help Jenny to make her business successful (6 Marks) Explain how STS could benefit from using e – commerce (6 Marks) Explain the possible benefits to LS LTD of the location of its garden centre (5 Marks) Emily and Isabella are planning to set up their business as a partnership. Explain two benefits to them of setting up the business as a partnership. (4 marks)

Explain two ways that Expresso Printing Ltd could motivate its two new employees (4 Marks)

Explain two possible effects on Good for Us of lowering its prices (4 Marks)

Good for Us prides itself in providing good customer service. Explain two ways in which Good for Us could provide good customer service (4 Marks)

Explain the benefits to Darren of producing a business plan (4 Marks)

Explain two benefits to Darren of aiming his product range at a gap in the market (4 Marks)

Explain why the charity uses volunteers in the shop and not paid workers (4 Marks)

Explain why the profit or loss made in November 2010 has changed from the £50 000 profit made in November 2009. (4 marks)

Using the data in Figure 1, calculate the profit or loss made by Atkins Ltd in November 2010. (4 Marks)

Explain why it is important and how does it benefit Atkins Ltd for having a high quality product. (4 Marks)

Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Jenny of operating as a franchise. (4 Marks)

Explain two possible reasons why A to Z Frames has highly paid workers (4 Marks)

Explain how STS would benefit from improving its customer service. (4 Marks)

State one other source of finance and explain why it might be suitable for Tony and Rima (4 Marks)

Explain the possible effects on Meals for All of using cheaper...
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